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Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce can feel like emotional roller coaster ride. After years or decades of being married, it does take time to get out of the routine of being married and start living as a single woman again. Now that this whole new chapter of your life is ahead of you, how do you proceed? Though being married to a sex addict or intimacy anorexic may have caused you pain, it does not need to control or define who you are or your future. Through this series, Dr. Weiss shares how this journey can be a season of optimism and strength.

Moving Forward covers the following topics:

  • Healing
  • Children
  • Coparenting
  • Self-Worth
  • Dating Again
  • Self-Care

In this video, Dr. Doug Weiss uses his decades of experience helping women move forward after being divorced from their sexually addicted or intimacy anorexic husband to help you process your situation more effectively and intelligently. The principles covered in this video can help you enjoy this new season as you start living your best life.