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When you get married you imagine a beautiful future that is limitless in hope and possibility. But what do you do when your life is turned upside down? Betrayal or emotional/sexual neglect can cause you to question whether you want to continue stay in this relationship, separate, or divorce.There are a number of reasons why you may stay married to a sex addict or intimacy anorexic. There may also be several reasons why you want to leave. But what factors are important to evaluate as you’re considering your future?In Why Do I Stay When It Doesn’t Make Sense, Dr. Doug Weiss helps you answer this question and more. By watching this video, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the reasons why you may be staying
  • Distinguish factors that are impacting your decision to stay or leave
  • Recognize and tackle “fear factors”
  • Evaluate your current options
  • Prioritize self-care
  • Challenge yourself to grow

In this video, Dr. Doug Weiss utilizes his several decades of experience to give you information and tools that can help you make your decision with mental clarity and confidence. Whether you decide to stay, separate, or divorce, your future can be filled with new opportunities and a life that you genuinely enjoy.